What Coworkers & Clients Are Saying

What Coworkers & Clients Are Saying

I love working with others and collaborating to achieve a common goal. Below are some quotes from a few of the lovely folks I’ve had the pleasure to work with:

Rebecca Zito, Client for 3 years

“Of all the contractors I have worked with, Michelle is the one that has added the most value to my marketing program. Her efforts have made my job easier and enhanced San Mateo’s digital marketing presence.

Michelle is a valued member of the marketing and communications program that I manage for the city of San Mateo. She works closely on the design of the blog and we saw traffic grow.”

Justin Bagatti, Co-worker for 2 years

“Michelle Pizzo is a fantastic marketer with a great grasp of customer messaging. I love working with Michelle. She has the ability to collaborate with an idea and drive it to a campaign that describes the solution to a non-technical audience. Super detailed and follow-up driven, she has been awesome to work with!”

Mike Dolloff, Co-worker for over 4 years

“I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with Michelle for several years and have always been impressed with her thoroughness and great work ethic.

She quickly earns trust and admiration from clients, and is able to collaborate effectively with all departments in the company to help improve business processes and productivity. Michelle is a critical asset to the company and a pleasure to work with!”

Professor Jordan Holtzman, MBA

“[Michelle is] one of the very best students I ever had.  Smart, articulate, enthusiastic.  And a super-nice person too!”

Michelle Porterfield, Technology Partner for 5 years

“Michelle goes above and beyond your expectations and will do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. She is always ready to lend a helping hand and I look forward to our continued working relationship.”

Jeff Palazzo, Sales Director & Boss for over 3 years

“Michelle has a well-deserved reputation for being extremely detail-oriented… and is the person to give something to if you want to get it done!

Michelle has a deep understanding of what kind of marketing activities lead to sales results. Michelle’s endless energy, can-do attitude, and commitment to clients are infectious. I thoroughly enjoy working with Michelle.”

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