Tobias Mortgage

Tobias Mortgage

Collaborating with a local mortgage broker to update materials and optimize digital marketing efforts.

Job Role: Digital Marketing Consultant

Industry: Real Estate

Served: 2015-2016

Website Strategy & Development

Collaborating with the business owner and a graphic designer, I helped manage the new website strategy, design and production. My services included copywriting, editing, SEO, photography art direction, and project management.

Marketing & project lead for new website strategy, design and production.

Social Media Coaching & Training

The client wanted to learn the ropes of social media marketing and go at it themselves, so they hired me to offer coaching and training for their in-house staff.

By providing scheduling template, tool recommendations, optimization techniques and content ideas, we empowered the Tobias Mortgage Team to run with their own social media marketing efforts.

We also led an initiative that garnered online reviews and client testimonials, for use throughout other company materials.

We generated client reviews and gathered testimonials for a messaging library.

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