City of San Mateo

City of San Mateo

Long-standing audience engagement strategy, implementation, & campaign optimization

Job Role: Marketing Contractor

Industry: Local Government

Served since 2015

Brand Management & Strategy

Serving a local government such as the City of San Mateo, it was important to ensure their branding stayed consistent across all online and print assets.

Leveraging a recently re-designed website, we replicated that branding throughout various materials, such as email headers, flyers, and banners.

The following is a snapshot of their pre-existing City Hall website, which we did not design, but used as a style guide for future materials.

NOTE: I did not design this website. I used it to inform the design of future marketing materials and assets.

Working alongside a graphic designer and with copy provided by City Hall, we created the following assets. Each campaign had unique objectives, but still remaining true to the overall brand for the City of San Mateo.

Examples of various marketing materials, branded cohesively, including a community-wide e-newsletter header image.

Social Media Community Engagement & Management

Social media was the first area we had the opportunity to engage with at San Mateo City Hall. It was a really fun project to take on, because they started with a considerably small audience and little engagement.

Through various enhancements, we reinvigorated their social profiles & were able to increase their organic likes by 5x year-over-year!

The new engagement strategy included:

  • Creating a schedule of posts
  • Collaborating across City Departments & Teams
  • On-brand, high quality photos & videos
  • Engaging themed posts, such as trivia, local history, holidays, etc.
  • Optimized Hashtag strategy
  • Better Mentions
  • Increased use of emojis and colloquial language

We garnered considerable, new attention and were able to create lasting engagement with a variety of audiences, including: constituents, neighboring city officials, local businesses.

Examples of social media posts and prominent mentions generated.

We also worked internally with City Hall Department Leaders to build consensus around strategy. We then rolled out new training resources and created a system to gather, edit, approve and publish exciting new content and vital updates to the San Mateo community.

Community Engagement & Copywriting

Throughout all the projects over the years of serving The City of San Mateo, copywriting and copyediting have become a consistent factor. Special care must be given to ensure content is accurate, appropriate, and accessible.

Regardless of communications channel, engaging with the community was a top priority. Through monitoring comments, shares and direct messages, we are responding with thoughtful, accurate information and creating a connection with the audience.

In order to build this trusting relationship with a city government’s social profile, it was vital to convey a human tone, and avoid an overly promotional nature. This is applicable across all materials, from official flyers, to social media posts and the responses to comments, questions or critiques.

Post for #NationalPetLoversDay that garnered considerable engagement

Through consistent monitoring and responding, all incoming comments and messages received prompt response with friendly follow up as needed, leveraging relationships with City Officials to gather the accurate answers, depending on the request.

In the PetLovers post from above, since we were asking commenters to “give up” an asset (the picture of their own pet), we felt our responses back needed to match that level of commitment. Therefore, instead of just “Liking” each comment (which is what will happen if a comment required lighter lifting), each commenter received a personal, human-sounding comment back, usually gushing about their adorable animal.

High-quality engagement generated between our brand and the audience.

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